A mother of four, photographer, nature lover. Someone trying to make sense of it all, through photos and stories. 

I try to be free in all senses of the word, so I made the leap and now work with what I love doing; taking pictures, storing this life in moments, both for myself and for clients. My heart is in photographing birth and motherhood, but I take on just about any photography job. 
(See my birth photos at www.birth.no and the rest of my work portfolio at www.mariavatne.no.)

I live on a farm in Norway with my man Nik and my children Ronja, Freja, Falk and Ulv, plus a bunch of animals. We grow our own food as far as the seasons allow it, we don't go to kindergarten, the three youngest ones will be homeschooled.

We govern our own lives, we strive for independence, we want to be in this life wild and free and full of love.

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In about six weeks, the baby who makes this belly magically expand, will come out. I am getting ready, but am also glad to have these weeks to prepare myself, both for the birth and for the time after.

Many questions occupy my mind. Who is this little person? What birth will I be given this time? How will the girls adapt to having a new sibling? How will Mr. Payne and I adapt? I'm not scared, or worried, I'm curious, and enraptured in the mystery of it all. The baby is here, so close to me, yet I don't know who it is. Crazy!

Anyway: It's good to be a third-timer in the sense that you feel pretty confident you'll cope with the transition. At least I do, for now.

But most of all, a feeling of pride, privilege and love fill me more every day.

How lucky I am, to be given the role of someone's mother again!

It is nothing short of amazing.

(Photos: Week 16, 21, 24 and 31 of the pregnancy.)

Where did the world go?

The Payne Bakery.