Zoo Payne is Mr. & Mrs. Payne and our four sugarplums Ronja (11), Freja (6), Falk (3) and Ulv (0).

Mr. Payne is a man of many talents, and has worked with most elements: as a pilot and flying instructor in Portugal, as a diving instructor in Tenerife, as a farmer in England, and now as a farmer and family man in Norway. When he doesn't bake one of his delicious loaves of bread or takes care of our kids and animals, he sometimes climbs trees and takes them down. He is nerdy about the great things in life: self-sufficiency, freedom and love of nature.

Mrs. Payne is the lucky woman who hitched him on holiday in Portugal and brought him back to Norway with her. She has kicked her dream into reality with the start of photography practices Bygdefotografen (portraits, weddings, etc.) and hei baby! birth photography. She writes a little bit, knits occasionally, loves music and that nutty family of hers.

Our big project is to be as self-sufficient as possible. The blog is about the road to independence, the daily life of this bunch of creatures, and a reflection on life here and there.

With Billie the Wolfhound, cats Boo and Sioux, horses Marius and Albertine, a pair of pigs, three cows, a band of sheep and a bunch of chickens, the Paynes live the dream on a farm in Norway.

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